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Let's Get Metaphysical

Jul 14, 2024

Another day, another chance to observe the illusion we are all taking part in. This episode of the Let's Get Meta podcast discusses how to be an observer in this "reality" we call life, and why this is important in our journey to become more whole, and more self-realized. Enjoy all bonus content at

Jun 30, 2024

We may not 'love' the truth, but when we LIVE the Truth, we expand. This episode of the Let's Get Meta podcast ponders the difficulties, uncomfortableness, bliss, and wonder we experience when we live the Truth, and how it is part of our journey to move from illusion to reality. To partake in the powerful bonus...

Jun 14, 2024

Episode 150 of the Let's Get Meta podcast discusses the idea that behind everything that happens, there is an underlying Divine Order. All bonus content for the podcast can be found at Enjoy the episode!

May 29, 2024

Have you ever noticed when your life has been rerouted? This episode of Let's Get Meta discusses the divine plan for your life, and how the real GPS (God's Positioning System) will always reroute you when you have staryed too far from your highest divine life path. The bonus content for this episode is a clearing of...

May 1, 2024

Happy 6th anniversary of the Let's Get Metaphysical podcast! To celebrate, we have an episode honoring the journey of how the podcast came to be. This show would never have happened if it were left soley up to Host Ren. We also discuss the importance of Divine Co-Creation in our everyday lives, and you can enjoy the...